Hazet 4900-2A/5 Safety Spring Vice Set

For installing and removing the coil spring when replacing shock absorbers

  • Suitable for impact wrenches,
  • Closed system – maintenance-free!
  • Variable system due to easily replaceable tensioning jaws
  • Plastic inserts for the protection of the lacquered spring surfaces
    preventing coil damage due to corrosion.
  • With location bar for machinist’s vice
  • 4900-2 A also suitable for spring struts with stop spring in the shock absorber
  • No need of further specialty tools
  • Max. span 309 mm
  • High capacity of 26000 N
  • GS mark – Tested Safety
  • Tempered cylindrical and guiding tube
  • Forged and tempered tensioning jaws

1 Basic Appliance and 4 Tensioning Jaws (2x 4900-11 and 2x 4900-12)
Suitable for approx. 100 different vehicle types