Carlube Copper Grease is a high performance, lead-free, anti-seize compound which is designed for application to threads of nuts and bolts prior to assembly to ensure easy release, without damage, even after long periods in adverse conditions. Based on a non-melting grease containing a complex blend of heat resistant solids and low shear metals.


Battery terminals, Disc pad brakes, Exhaust clamps, Spark plug threads, Wheel studs etc.


  • Helps initial assembly making tightening easier and more positive
  • Prevents galling and seizure even at extreme temperatures and used in atmospheric conditions that would destroy other lubricants
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Eases dismantling where metal pickup can occur


XCG020 – 20g

XCG070 – 70g

XCG500 – 500g

YGC003 – 3Kg