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Who We Are…?

PHDsmart is the newest and most exclusive digital platform for Private Hire Drivers (PHDs). As PHDs ourselves, we were disappointed in the lack of digital platforms addressing the issues PHDs face every day. We seek to connect PHDs and provide them with the services they need to do their job brilliantly whenever they step into their vehicles. Therefore, we are expanding our services to include; education, personal development, and health & safety information. This is in addition to the range of essential products for anyone involved in the PHD trade, which we have already incorporated.

By logging onto PHDsmart, PHDs will be able to network 24/7, and find links to discounts, promotions, trade incentives, as well as professional help. Any PHD who uses our platform will be able to leave feedback, as we are constantly innovating our platform to provide them with the highest quality of service.

Our mission at PHDsmart is to create a cutting-edge social networking platform, where PHDs will receive all the information and help they need to stay ahead of the game.

What Do We Offer…?

There Are Six Main Reasons, PHDs Love To Join Us!

PHDs Community

By joining us means joining a community of Private Hire Drivers. There is no monthly or yearly fee, IT IS FREE FOREVER.

Exclusively For PHDs

Users are able to communicate with others and discuss topics on forums, join groups or add friend and also send private or public messages. From simply keeping an eye on different events and news to adding products for sale, everything is available at one place. Click here to visit.

Taxi Insurance

You'll be required to submit your details by filling a simple form and we'll get back to you with latest quotes at lowest guaranteed rate.

Get Insured At Cheapest

Taxi Insurance is one of the biggest issue with regards to affordability, especially for the newly licensed  drivers. You’ll get a guaranteed lowest Taxi Insurance quotes through us. Read More….

Legal Services

Here you’ll find popular Legal Firms who have good track record of protecting the rights of Private Hire Drivers’.

Get Best Legal Services

Proper Legal Services to protect PHD’s rights is one of the most demanding service which is not normally available on any platform to access quickly. On the other hand, it is also expensive to hire experts.

Breakdown Assistance

In case of breakdown or accident, we would arrange recovery assistance and also arrange the courtesy car.

Get Assistance Cover At Cheap

There are always more chances of vehicle breakdown if you are using it for Private Hire Services. That’s the reason for an expensive breakdown recovery for Taxis. Here, you’ll find always the discounted rates for your Taxi breakdown recovery. Read More…

Accident Management

We'll provide you full services FREE OF CHARGE in case of any accident and assist you how can you be able to claim.

Accident Management (Compensations and Claims)

 Team at PHDsmart always pray for safety for everyone, however, you cannot avoid every incident and may face it any time. It becomes even more terrible when you come across such a situation and you don’t get a proper company who may handle your claim. Read More…

Accounts Services

Using the services of, we offer online submission of your tax returns at your convenience.

Completely Online Accounts Services

If you are working as a self-employed, you always need an accountant who handles your all HM Revenue related matters. With Ultimate Package, you can have all of our services with a very low cost.

How Do We Do It…?

Our FREE SERVICES are built for the following users.

As a Private Hire Driver you’ll sign-up with us for FREE and will be able to access the dashboard instantly which will put all of the website’s features at your disposal. You can share your issues with other community members or start a new discussion without paying a penny. You may also list items for sale and purchase brand-new items from our store. If this were not enough, you’ll also get many other services like cheap insurance or breakdown recovery.

PHDsmart is not exclusively for Drivers and also provides an array of services to Base Operators. We never charge operators and give them full assistance as receive the latest news and updates from Private Hire Drivers 24/7. They may also post in their office or advertise drivers jobs for free. Base Operators can also create groups and advertise their business for free. Similarly, just like Private Hire Drivers, Base Operators may also set up profile pages on our platform and connect with other drivers. Our website lets Base Operators and Drivers create forums to discuss the issues that matter most to them.


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You can download free PHDsmart Apps available at Android & iOS stores and also Android users can save our Progressive Web App directly onto their phones without visiting any store. Simply click on the top right tree dots of the browser and then click on ‘Add to Home screen’ and you are done. It’s an alternative to other two apps. By installing our apps, you’ll be able to keep in touch with us all the time where you’ll be able to interact with PHD Community and also be able to get notifications for offers and benefits, for example, cheap insurance, discounted cars, offers by Private Hire Bases etc. The most important thing which you’ll love, it is 100% free app and will stay free forever.

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