Daylight headlight Mercedes S-Classe W220 Yr. 02-05 black FK Automotive offers Daylight lamps for Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Fiat, Ford, Mercedes, Opel, VW and many other car brands. Great design at reasonable prices. Daylight headlights FK Automotive are characterized by their high degree of quality and its advanced design. Through its advanced LED technology FK Daylight lamps are technically up to date on the Daylight offer FK headlights with LED daytime running lights, parking lights in the trendy design and partly with integrated LED daytime running lights with genuine R87 approval. LED daytime running lights improve road safety because they are seen by other road users. Another advantage of LED lights is that when a light emitting diode is defective does not fail the entire LED unit. If a defect in the light occurs only in a decrease in luminosity and not to complete failure. FK Automotive Daylight headlights turn your car into a unique and technically advanced one-off. We offer FK Daylight lamps for many brands and models and always try our offer to extend Daylight headlights. Thus, they have always the option to refine your vehicle according to the latest trends in the tuning scene. Installation of the Daylight headlights is uncomplicated thanks to the accurate production and the high quality of materials and in a few minutes. The majority of our daylight headlight design is registration free by the E-mark, so they have no problems with registering your vehicle. Matching accessories such as sports grille, turn signals, taillights and front spoilers to be found combined with the LED daytime running lights, they can also be tuning in our online store.

  • LED technology for vehicles with original Xenon headlight
  • Yr. 2002 to 2005
  • colour: black
  • E
  • Approved road legal
  • with ECU
  • Daylight headlight with LED side light
  • left + right