Axle weight front: 980 kg
Axle weight Rear: 925 kg
BILSTEIN-one pipe-/-Upside-Down-Technik made in Germany
Spring and damper in road trials precisely matched

Instructions from the manufacturer:

For the article- / Vehicle classification, the information in the inspection findings and the ABE prevail.Please check before installation using parts certificate / ABE whether the delivered article (see Parts Identification)for your vehicle (see use area) are allowed.The current report can be found at parts. If discrepancies can not be built, the parts– Please contact the seller in this case. We recommend to perform the installation of our products only in a qualified workshop to let about the appropriate trained personnel and the necessary special tools available. The mounting position can be determined by the printing,  ablesen” Â-can you fit the way you read the print.Once assembled, the spring is a review of the setting values Radein is not necessary. Should not the production shocks will be fully operational and have declined significantly in their effect,we strongly recommend against the exchange of new standard shock absorbers or by sports shock absorbers. When Sportline springs, we recommend the use of sport shock absorbers such as Pro-Damper.This all wheel / tire combinations are used that are released by the wheel type testing. The report runs in the wheel or ABE-wheels must be complied with except for the requirement of standard chassis. The extent of lowering is reduced by the amount of the series lowering. The dimensions given refer to standard untreated vehicles.Monitoring stations: Vertical distance from hub center to fender lower edge. It should be noted that the measurements given are approximate and may vary by vehicle.
Except vehicles with level control.
Except vehicles with 4WD.
Due to the use of gas-pressure