T-Cut Scratch Remover eliminates scratches & stone chips in one quick application. Its clear formula is suitable to use on all paint colours & finishes, including metallics.


Quick & Easy to use.
Fine tip for accurate repair with no mess.
Rapid drying in minutes.
Leaves a hard, durable, crystal clear protective coating
Protects paint from harsh weather conditions, rusting and oxidation.
Also suitable for use on all painted metal surfaces and plastics.


1. Ensure the surface is as smooth and clean as possible.
2. Before use, shake well for one minute.
3. Prime the applicator by gently pressing the nib down several times on a clean, hard surface (the fluid will begin to flow into applicator).
4. Test on a small, inconspicuous area to confirm suitability.
5. Single strokes are advised, to build up apply several coats, leaving for half an hour between each coat.

NOTE: This product is intended to disguise and mask the appearance of stone chips and fine scratches and protect the paint from further deterioration. It is not intended to produce a perfect invisible repair.