2 x Headlamp Beam Deflectors

Headlamp beam deflectors are suitable for all vehicles and tested two times a year,to give you the lastest fitting instruction for you vehicle. Eurolites ANTI-SCORCH BEAM REFLECTORS have been developed for today’s more powerful headlights encased in plastic/acrylic headlamp covers, using modern lamps, xenon – projector and standard halogen H1-H4-H7 bulb designs. While continuing to provide Outstanding Performances on all older and classic vehicles with clear and lined patterned headlights. PLEASE NOTE THE HEADLIGHT ADAPTORS ARE NOT SENT IN RETAIL PACKAGING.

You will receive 2 x sets of Eurolite Headlight Adaptors
For right hand drive vehicles when driving in Europe
Easy to fit
Easily removable
Suitable for all vehicles and types of headlight