Trunki BoostApak Travel Backpack Booster Car Seat (Green)

Trunki BoostApak Travel Backpack Booster Car Seat (Green)

£39.99 (as of November 15, 2018, 9:06 am)

A great solution for sharing lifts and travelling in coaches or taxis
Avoid hire charges when travelling abroad by taking BoostApak
Hand luggage-approved with plenty of space for toys and games


With the law requiring all children under 12 years old or 135cm in height to use a booster seat it¯¿½›ªs important to have one to hand at all times. BoostApak is the ideal solution, a spacious, hand-luggage approved rucksack which doubles as a booster seat, perfect for car-pooling and family holidays. Whether travelling by car, taxi or bus you¯¿½›ªll never be a booster seat short again!

How strong are the shoulder straps?
all our BoostApaks are now made with super-strong reinforced shoulder straps :o)
How safe is BoostApak?
BoostApak is a robust and totally safe booster cushion designed to guarantee a child is always positioned at the optimum height to maximise protection provided from seatbelts in a collision. If your child’s safety is paramount then BoostApak is the best portable booster on the market. BoostApak is certified to regulation ECE R44.04 for group 2 and 3.
Can BoostApak be used as hand luggage?
Yes! BoostApak fits comfortably within hand luggage restrictions, with a spacious 8 litre capacity with enough room for books, toys and a change of clothes.
What age group is BoostApak suitable for?
BoostApak is a group 2 & 3 car seat suitable for children weighing 15 – 36kg (approximately aged 4 – 12) or until they are over 135cm.
Won’t everything get squashed when sat on?No, BoostApak has a very sturdy plastic shell which keeps all your belongings protected. No more bruised bananas at break time!

Size – 39 x 17 x 39 cms
Capacity – 8 Lts
Weight of Child – 15-36kg/33-79lb
Guarantee – Manufactures Warranty 1 year

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